Contribute In Building The Only Dedicated Source For Ramadan

As-salamu alaykum,
Since from almost 2 years I’m trying to build a unique dedicated platform which provides information regarding start and end dates of Ramadan. The journey started in May 2014 by covering USA, UK and France in countries. Next year, for Ramadan 2015, we covered over a dozen countries with Suhoor Iftar timings of major cities and announced Ramadan moon sighting results for several other countries. In 2015 we also became one of the unique and most popular website, kind of authoritative in providing results for a first day of Ramadan with Ramadan calendars. We stayed on top in search results and also got featured in few news websites as a source. On first day of Ramadan 2015, we served over half a million visits and our website gone down because that was our limit.

From this year, in 2016 we are hopeful and plans to expand exponentially and become the first dedicated authority for Ramadan month that will provide Ramadan dates, timings, calendars, blogs, how to guides, and more over will launch a special transmission during Ramadan month. Its a dream, but, Insha’Allah we are already in our way to make this possible. You can also become a part of this journey by contributing anything that you would like to do.

Few of the basic things from our priority list of which we will take care first are; Cover more countries, make a team to ensure Ramadan dates, get rid of manual calculations and hire a developer to code something that can make things easy and automate, get rid of free Content Management System which we are using right now and move to anything better like custom CMS something like WordPress that provides more functionalities and ease in designing and coding, and get rid of some stupid irrelevant ads on such Religious site that roles automatically by Google but pushed intentionally by advertisers.

Below are few of ways which you can use to support this project,

Monetary Support

We don’t promise, but that’s in a plan to send some goodies like card and t-shirt as thank you 🙂

Types of Contributions

Social Support

You may spread our message to your social circle. This will alone mean a lot to us.

Prayers and Wishes

We need your best wishes and remember us in your prayers. 🙂

Any question, please feel free to ask in comments below.