Ramadan 2018 USA Calendar, Dates With Fasting Times

When is Ramadan in USA?

Islam is the 5th largest religion in USA, having 3.3 Muslim followers which makes around 1 percent of an entire US population. Insha’ALLAH, 1st Ramadan 2018 in United States of America will begin from 16th May. Ramadan Mubarak 1439 will be 30 days long as, the last day of Ramadan month is expected to be on June 14th, because of greater chances of crescent visibility of Shawwal moon by telescope 14th June Evening.(FCNA/ISNA has not confirmed dates yet ISNA has confirmed our dates)

Ramadan Calendar 2018 USA With Suhoor-o-Iftar Timings

Calculation Method: Islamic Society of North America

Ramadan Date Day Suhoor Times
(New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia)
Iftar Times
(New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia)
0 16th May Wednesday 04:07 AM – 04:32 AM – 03:55 AM – 05:15 AM – 04:22 AM 09:38 PM – 09:07 PM – 09:40 PM – 09:23 PM – 09:46 PM
1 17th May Thursday 04:06 AM – 04:31 AM – 03:54 AM – 05:14 AM – 04:21 AM 09:40 PM – 09:08 PM – 09:41 PM – 09:24 PM – 09:47 PM
2 18th May Friday 04:04 AM – 04:30 AM – 03:53 AM – 05:13 AM – 04:19 AM 09:41 PM – 09:09 PM – 09:42 PM – 09:25 PM – 09:48 PM
3 19th May Saturday 04:03 AM – 04:30 AM – 03:51 AM – 05:12 AM – 04:18 AM 09:42 PM – 09:10 PM – 09:44 PM – 09:26 PM – 09:50 PM
4 20th May Sunday 04:02 AM – 04:29 AM – 03:50 AM – 05:12 AM – 04:17 AM 09:44 PM – 09:11 PM – 09:45 PM – 09:27 PM – 09:51 PM
5 21st May Monday 04:01 AM – 04:28 AM – 03:49 AM – 05:11 AM – 04:16 AM 09:45 PM – 09:12 PM – 09:47 PM – 09:27 PM – 09:52 PM
6 22nd May Tuesday 04:00 AM – 04:27 AM – 03:48 AM – 05:10 AM – 04:15 AM 09:46 PM – 09:13 PM – 09:48 PM – 09:28 PM – 09:53 PM
7 23rd May Wednesday 03:58 AM – 04:26 AM – 03:46 AM – 05:10 AM – 04:14 AM 09:47 PM – 09:14 PM – 09:49 PM – 09:29 PM – 09:55 PM
8 24th May Thursday 03:57 AM – 04:26 AM – 03:45 AM – 05:09 AM – 04:13 AM 09:49 PM – 09:15 PM – 09:51 PM – 09:30 PM – 09:56 PM
9 25th May Friday 03:56 AM – 04:25 AM – 03:44 AM – 05:09 AM – 04:12 AM 09:50 PM – 09:16 PM – 09:52 PM – 09:30 PM – 09:57 PM
10 26th May Saturday 03:55 AM – 04:24 AM – 03:43 AM – 05:08 AM – 04:11 AM 09:51 PM – 09:17 PM – 09:53 PM – 09:31 PM – 09:58 PM
11 27th May Sunday 03:54 AM – 04:23 AM – 03:42 AM – 05:08 AM – 04:10 AM 09:52 PM – 09:18 PM – 09:54 PM – 09:32 PM – 09:59 PM
12 28th May Monday 03:53 AM – 04:23 AM – 03:41 AM – 05:07 AM – 04:09 AM 09:53 PM – 09:19 PM – 09:56 PM – 09:33 PM – 10:00 PM
13 29th May Tuesday 03:52 AM – 04:22 AM – 03:40 AM – 05:07 AM – 04:09 AM 09:55 PM – 09:19 PM – 09:57 PM – 09:33 PM – 10:01 PM
14 30th May Wednesday 03:52 AM – 04:22 AM – 03:39 AM – 05:06 AM – 04:08 AM 09:56 PM – 09:20 PM – 09:58 PM – 09:34 PM – 10:02 PM
15 31st May Thursday 03:51 AM – 04:21 AM – 03:38 AM – 05:06 AM – 04:07 AM 09:57 PM – 09:21 PM – 09:59 PM – 09:35 PM – 10:03 PM
16 1st June Friday 03:50 AM – 04:21 AM – 03:38 AM – 05:06 AM – 04:06 AM 09:58 PM – 09:22 PM – 10:00 PM – 09:35 PM – 10:04 PM
17 2nd June Saturday 03:49 AM – 04:20 AM – 03:37 AM – 05:05 AM – 04:06 AM 09:59 PM – 09:23 PM – 10:01 PM – 09:36 PM – 10:05 PM
18 3rd June Sunday 03:49 AM – 04:20 AM – 03:36 AM – 05:05 AM – 04:05 AM 10:00 PM – 09:23 PM – 10:02 PM – 09:37 PM – 10:06 PM
19 4th June Monday 03:48 AM – 04:19 AM – 03:36 AM – 05:05 AM – 04:05 AM 10:01 PM – 09:24 PM – 10:03 PM – 09:37 PM – 10:07 PM
20 5th June Tuesday 03:47 AM – 04:19 AM – 03:35 AM – 05:04 AM – 04:04 AM 10:02 PM – 09:25 PM – 10:04 PM – 09:38 PM – 10:08 PM
21 6th June Wednesday 03:47 AM – 04:19 AM – 03:34 AM – 05:04 AM – 04:04 AM 10:03 PM – 09:25 PM – 10:05 PM – 09:38 PM – 10:09 PM
22 7th June Thursday 03:46 AM – 04:18 AM – 03:34 AM – 05:04 AM – 04:03 AM 10:04 PM – 09:26 PM – 10:06 PM – 09:39 PM – 10:10 PM
23 8th June Friday 03:46 AM – 04:18 AM – 03:33 AM – 05:04 AM – 04:03 AM 10:05 PM – 09:27 PM – 10:07 PM – 09:39 PM – 10:10 PM
24 9th June Saturday 03:45 AM – 04:18 AM – 03:33 AM – 05:04 AM – 04:02 AM 10:05 PM – 09:27 PM – 10:08 PM – 09:40 PM – 10:11 PM
25 10th June Sunday 03:45 AM – 04:18 AM – 03:33 AM – 05:04 AM – 04:02 AM 10:06 PM – 09:28 PM – 10:08 PM – 09:40 PM – 10:12 PM
26 11th June Monday 03:45 AM – 04:18 AM – 03:32 AM – 05:04 AM – 04:02 AM 10:07 PM – 09:28 PM – 10:09 PM – 09:41 PM – 10:13 PM
27 12th June Tuesday 03:44 AM – 04:17 AM – 03:32 AM – 05:04 AM – 04:02 AM 10:07 PM – 09:29 PM – 10:10 PM – 09:41 PM – 10:13 PM
28 13th June Wednesday 03:44 AM – 04:17 AM – 03:32 AM – 05:04 AM – 04:02 AM 10:08 PM – 09:29 PM – 10:10 PM – 09:42 PM – 10:14 PM

End Ramadan dates USA(New York, Boston. Los Angeles, Fort Worth, Chicago, Columbus, San Diego, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Houston, San Jose, Phoenix, Jacksonville, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, etc.)
14th June Thursday 03:44 AM – 04:17 AM – 03:32 AM – 05:04 AM – 04:02 AM 10:09 PM – 09:30 PM – 10:11 PM – 09:42 PM – 10:14 PM

To download Ramadan Timetable; do right click on following image and select save image as to download calendar it in your system in Highest Quality. For an alternate, get it from email subscription.

Ramadan Calendar 2018 USA

When Does Ramadan Start and End?

As per Islamic calendar, the first day of Ramadan kareem starts with the appearance of the crescent moon on the last day of the month of Shaban. If on 29th of Shaban, because of weather conditions or for any other reason moon doesn’t become visible then it is recommended to start Ramadan month after letting Shaban complete its 30 days. Similarly, it is the last day of Ramadan mubarak when the moon of shawwal becomes visible or Ramadan complete 30 days.

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Ramadan USA Dates Schedule

Year First Day of Ramadan Last Day of Ramadan
2015 18th June, Thursday 17th July, Friday
2016 7th June, Tuesday 6th July, Wednesday
2017 27th May, Saturday 24th June, Saturday
2018 17th May, Thursday 14th June, Thursday
2019 6th May, Monday 4th June, Tuesday
2020 24th April, Friday 23rd May, Saturday
2021 13th April, Tuesday 12th May, Wednesday
2022 3rd April, Sunday 2nd May, Monday
2023 23rd March, Thursday 21st April, Friday
2024 11th March, Monday 9th April, Tuesday

About Ramadan Month

Ramadan is the month of fasting which is done during sun hours. Means during fast one can eat or drink before dawn and after sunset, only. How beautiful it is to see thousands of people uniting over a single act of worship, and an act that is pure in every form. Ramadan is that time of the year when Muslims all over the world unite over a single religious ritual, of fasting from dawn till sunset. They wake up before dawn, take a heavy meal of food (sehri) and then initiate their fast by offering Fajr prayers. At sunset, they break the fast with varieties of food and fruits prepared at the iftari. In the time between dawn and sunset, they have to abstain from food, water, liquids, sexual intercourse and all sorts of undesirable behavior. One has to pure himself from all evils and wrongs of a society. It is not only a test of physical patience in terms of hunger but also a spiritual test.

Ramadan basically falls in the ninth lunar month and initiates with the new moon sighting and ends with the sighting of the next month’s moon. This fasting period will be different for every area, depending on their respective timings. Fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam and is binding (Farz) on every Muslim from the age of 12. The obligation for fasting is mentioned in this Quranic verse;

“O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may attain Taqwa [God-consciousness]. “– The Qur’an, Al-Baqarah: 183

Fasting is essential for all healthy people and some exceptions are allowed for people who fall in either of the categories below;

  1. Children below the age of maturity. Girls reach the age by 12 and boys reach it by 15. Before that age, they must fast for half a day or so, to develop a habit.
  2. Old people and those who are extremely ill are allowed to skip fasts. In lieu of that they have to feed a poor person for each day that is skipped.
  3. Women who are pregnant or menstruating can skip the days and make up for the days later.
  4. People who have tough labor jobs or are travelling can make up for their missed days when they have time later.

This leniency is there because Islam doesn’t want to put unnecessary burden on its followers. There are also some situations when the person accidentally or unconsciously eats or drinks something. In such a case his fast isn’t broken but instead a penalty has to be paid which is also known as kaffarah. In that kaffarah the person has to arrange food for poor people and take responsibility for their fasts. The Kaffarah differs for different situations and can be discussed with some learned scholar for details.

And a name of few random countries visitors checking currently include; India, Canada, Lebanon, Sudan, and Austria.

When a person fasts, it does not mean that he/she has to sit idle at home and wait for sunset. The person is required to continue his daily routine like any other day with usual chores. This is actually where the test of patience comes in that how does the person manage to stay away from food as well as bad behavior. As mentioned before, it is equally a spiritual revival as it is a physical ritual. Fasting is an amazing ritual and this can be deduced from the numerous benefits that it holds.

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  6. I am a new convert and would like to know exact times to start and end my fast in the boston Massachusetts area thanks

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    1. Thank you so much for your prayers and greetings. There is good notable difference in prayers times of Boston and NY. Please use this link (https://goo.gl/ZSbGzH) for Suhoor and Iftar times of Ramadan 2016 for Boston. 🙂

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    1. @Anonymous: Waalaikumsalam Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,
      Ramadan 2015 will end on 16th of July 2015. So, Friday, July 17th 2015 will be the first day of Eid ul Fitr 2015 in Florida. Happy eid mubarak 🙂

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    In Chicago fajr is 3:33but they're telling me end of sahoor is before 3:00. Is it ok to eat after 3:00?

    1. Suhoor time ends with start of Fajr azan/adhan. If in Chicago the fajr azan starts at 3:33am then you can take suhoor meal till 3:32am. Btw, who is telling you to end sahoor half an hour before start of fajr azan?

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  18. Thank you for this website. The calendar for Ramadan is proving very beneficial. I am not Muslim but I have Muslim friends and always respect the Muslim mandates when they are visitors in my home. I keep pans, plates, bowls, glasses and utensils used for meals separate to insure that pork has never touched them. I keep my home free of alcohol, tobacco and pork whenever they visit my house. Is there anything else I should be aware of especially Ramadan. My friends are very polite and unless I ask they do not they do not correct or criticize. I want to be a good hostess so any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

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    1. W/Salam, Please use this link http://goo.gl/Iy0GY1 for suhoor and Iftar timings for first 29 fasts of Ramadan 2015 starting from June 18 in Montross Virginia, USA.

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    1. Please let us know how we can assist you. Thank you!

    1. the Ramadan hours for year 2015 (Suhoor and Iftar times) are clearly mentioned in above calendar. Please have a look. Thank you!

    1. 18th June is a first day of Ramadan 2015 in Richmond Virginia, USA. 4:17am and 8:34pm are the time of Suhoor and Iftar for first day of Ramadan 2015, respectively.

  26. Praise Allah. May peace be upon you. It is a bit ridiculous to tell people to right click on an image to download it but when they do you have a copyright notice and tell them they need to submit an email and you will mail the calendar to them. What do you do with the email addresses of Muslims that you collect this way? I think I could just take a screenshot of the calendar and put that into Paint or some other graphics program and save it as a .jpeg, or I might notice there are not that many time changes in it so I might just write down what is applicable for my time zone. Living in the Pacific time zone, I will use the times listed for Los Angeles. When I was in graduate school during the 1990s, I noted that there would be no copyright law in the future, that it would break down and be impossible.

    1. I feel really sorry brother, please accept my apology. We did this for some good reason. And Allah knows everything, we are blessed to cover Ramadan on internet twice and we haven't sent even not a single email to our subscribers, except the one with calendars. Btw, here is the direct link https://goo.gl/TD7KBW to download above calendar in pdf. Please stop worrying.

    1. Khair Mubarak, and thank you so much brother.. 🙂

    1. Dates are applicable but not prayer times.

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    I need to run off about 13 copies for the women here at Minnesota Correctional Facility in Shakopee, MN. I am requesting permissio to do this. Thank you.Chaplain Amy Y. LuukkonenMCF-SHK1010 West 6th AveShakopee, MN 55379

    1. Thank you so much for reaching out. Please feel free to use above content as long as you honour attribution. This https://goo.gl/TD7KBW link can be use to download Ramadan 2015 USA calendar in one page pdf format, especially generated for you to make it easy to print and use. Thank you!

    1. @Ervina Tsuchimikado: First of all please accept my apology for making reply late on your comment. Yes, the above Ramadan dates are applicable for melbourne, florida. But, the suhoor and iftar times will not be applicable b/c of difference in time.

      1. Thats ok :Dso the time of sahoor and iftar wont applicabledo you have any link or information about the time of sahoor and iftar on melbourne, florida??thanks

  28. I am living in Oxford, Mississippi. Is this calender applicable for my location? Thanks.

    1. @Sulayk: Yes, this Ramadan calendar 2015 dates are also applicable for you location (Oxford Mississippi) because the start date of Ramadan is same for all North American States. But, the prayer times for your location will be differ from shown above.

      Note: Ramadan start and end date may vary, we will update this page as soon we get see update from ISNA (Islamic Society of North America). Thank you!

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    1. Apologies! Please try again to download ramadan calendar 2015 for usa in an image format. few more formats are in the way.

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